Term 2
Our maths focus for this term is Geometry. We are learning the 2D and 3D shapes. We named and wrote a description of each. This is our display.




Religious Education
We began the term learning about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. There are nine fruits. They are self-control, Generosity, Faithfulness, Love, Joy, Kindness, Peace, Patience and Gentleness. We made posters, learned their meanings, found Bible quotes and decided what each fruit would look and sound like. Here is a sample of our work.

All sorts 034.JPG

Cross Country
Room 1 trained every day we could for the Rural Schools Cross Country which was held at Cannington School on a beautiful, sunny June 1st. All the children ran really well. I was so proud of them all. Here are a few of them

All sorts 039.JPG
Here is Cameron nearing the finish line.

All sorts 049.JPGAll sorts 044.JPG
Well done Kayla! Keep going Isaac!
Jump Jam
We entered a Year 3/4 team for the first time in the Jump Jam competition. The team comprised of Simonne, Bella, Ella, Cameron.M, Lily-Ana, Orla, Quinn and Kayla. We learned the moves to "Move Your Feet" and we practiced every lunchtime for eight and a half weeks. The team was so enthusiastic and persisted with their daily practices and were determined to be the very best they could be. I was so proud of them. This photo was taken just before we went on stage at the Theatre Royal. The children danced their hearts out. They were not placed in the competition but enjoyed a celebratory ice cream for all their hard work. They looked amazing on stage and had so much energy. Well done.

All sorts 057.JPG
This term we have been learning to write a variety of descriptions. We wrote a description of our class snake, "Bruce" and after visiting the Te Ana Rock Art Centre we wrote a description of the now extinct Haasts's Eagle. Here are some examples of our work.
All sorts 019.JPG

All sorts 071.JPG

All sorts 072.JPG

As part of our continual learning about Maori culture we visited the Te Ana Rock Art Centre and a Rock Art Site near the Opihi Vineyard. We gained new knowledge and understandings from both our visits. It was fantastic to be able to see real rock art. Here are some photos from these trips.