Term 3 began with a focus on the Olympics.This was our completed wall display.
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We all chose an Olympic country and researched information about that country including its flag and where in the world it is. Harry chose Switzerland. This is his completed work.
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We also chose a New Zealand sportsperson who was competing at the Olympics. Alex chose our golden girl of the shop put, Valerie Adams.

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In maths, our strand focus was Measurement. As a part of this we learned about our New Zealand currency. Here is Liam's completed NZ currency poster.

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Our writing focus for the term was Report Writing. We each chose an animal and researched information about its appearance (anatomy), how it moves, what it eats (diet), where it lives (habitat), adaptations, life cycle, behaviour, how it defends itself, enemies and any other interesting facts. Here is Cameron's title page for the Famingo, behaviour and interesting facts.

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Our Art Focus was learning to make prints. We made P.V.A. Glue Prints. We drew the animal we researched for our reports. We drew our animal with pencil and went over with PVA glue. We then did a crayon print and a wet and dry print. This is Simonne's giraffe, Lily-Ana's butterfly and Orla's lion.

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Material World
Big Ideas: Milk is a mixture of substances.
We can change milk into other products. These changes can be pyysical changes, for example making butter or chemical changes, for example, making casein plastic.

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Here we are shaking our cream to make butter. We had to shake for 20 minutes. We got very sore arms. We took turns shaking the jar for 1 minute each. Here is Cameron showing how it is done.
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Here is the finished product.
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Here we all are enjoying our butter that we made. Yum!
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I made ice cream with all four classes as part of our science week. Here is Jud with Bryn and James. They are just about to remove the ice cream after shaking it in a bag of ice for 10 minutes. It was delicious. Room 2 made the best ice cream.

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Here is our classroom wall display on milk.