Term 4Rainbow Day
We held a mufti day on the first Friday of the term to raise donations of food for the St Vincent de Paul food bank. The children had to come dressed in clothes that were the colours of the rainbow. Here is Room 1 all dressed up. Don't they look colourful!
Rainbow Day 006.JPG

Rainbow Day 009.JPG
These are some of the children with the food they donated to the food bank.
Rainbow Day 013.JPG

Here is Room 1 again showing off all their lovely colours amongst the beautiful plants outside our classroom. Ms Ewer has also got into looking like a rainbow.


This term each class has a project to carry out to beautify our school. Room 1 is going to paint this wall which is directly outside our clasrrooom. This is what it looks like at present. By the end of the term it should look a lot different. So check back in later to see our progress.
Rainbow Day 001.JPG
High Jump 014.JPG
Here are all our pictures ready to draw onto the wall. First we are going to seal it and then give it two coats of undercoat. Then we will divide the wall into sections so we can paint our pictures. Check back in to see our progress. A big thank you to Philip at Placemakers who supplied all the paint with a discount thrown in. Greatly appreciated.
Mural and Veges and Fruit 001.JPG
Here are some of the children drawing their pictures onto the wall.
Mural and Veges and Fruit 002.JPG
Mural and Veges and Fruit 003.JPG
Mural and Veges and Fruit 004.JPG
Mural and Veges and Fruit 005.JPG
These are some of our completed pictures.
Mural and Veges and Fruit 018.JPG
Mural and Veges and Fruit 019.JPG
Here we are in full swing painting our pictures. Doesn't it look amazing. The children have done a fantastic job. I am so very proud of them.
Mural and Veges and Fruit 020.JPG
Cameron has drawn the model T rail car, Ella playing in her garden at home, Cameron (not fnished) a tractor and seed drill and Quinn on a jet ski at Lake Opuha.
Mural and Veges and Fruit 021.JPG
Here is Lachlan's pukeko and John's grape from the Opihi Winery.

AlgebraIn Algebra we have been learning about 'Relationship' Graphs. We have made two graphs. One showing the animals we like and the other showing the food we like. If an arrow is pointing at something, this means we like it. Here are Orla's, Bella's and Cameron.M's 'Relationship' Graphs.

Snow 006.JPG
Snow 007.JPG
High JumpWe have been leaping over tall buildings in preparation for the Rural Schools Athletics. Here are Quinn and Kieran in action flying over the high jump. Great job.

High Jump 002.JPG

High Jump 011.JPG